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Geocoder Field

When creating a geolocation field group, it is always recommended to first add the Geocoder field. The Geocoder field is a hidden field and will not be seen by the front-end user. It comes with different field options and Its main purpose is to sync between the other geolocation fields and to hold the geocoded information. After adding the geocoder field, it is recommended to give it a unique label. When settings up the other geolocation fields and syncing between them you will select the Geocoder field using its label.

Geocoder Field Options

  • Default location coordinates – Use this feature, by entering the latitude and longitude of a default location, if you’d like to populate the Geocoder field and the other geolocation fields that are synced with it with the default location when the form first loads. Otherwise, leave the fields blank.

Map Marker Options

Setup the map marker options which will take place when a map is synced to the geocoder field.

  • Default latitude/longitude – enter the latitude/longitude of the location where the marker will be placed on the map when the form first loads. This default location will only affect the location where the marker will be placed on the map. This location won’t be geocoded nor it will affect the fields that are synced with the Geocoder field when the form first loads. For such purposes, you can use the Default Coordinates option mentioned above.
  • Marker URL – a URL to an image that will be used as the map marker.
  • Marker info-window content – enter the content that will show inside an info-window that opens with a click on the marker. Otherwise, leave this field blank to disable the info window.
  • Hide marker when form first loads – the marker will be hidden when the form first load and will be visible once it’s location changes via another geolocation field ( address field, another map field, etc… ).
  • Disable marker drag – disable the draggable feature of the marker so it can only move when using other geolocation fields that are synced with the map.
  • Move marker using map click – by default, it is only possible to move the marker by dragging it on the map. Check this checkbox to allow moving the marker with a single click on the map.
  • Disable address output – when dragging the marker, disable the output to the Address fields that are synced with this Geocoder field. This can be useful for a specific scenario where a user wants to first set the location by entering an address. Then, if the address entered is correct but the marker is not on the exact location on the map or the coordinates are not the exact desired coordinates, the user can drag the marker to the desired location without affecting the value of the Address field.