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Activating Your License Key

After installing and activating the Geolocation For Ninja Forms plugin, you will need to activate your license key. The plugin will not work without activating your license key.

You should receive your license key via the purchase receipt after purchasing the Geolocation For Ninja Forms plugin. You can also retrieve your license at any time from your account page.

Activating the license key on your site will also provide you with access to automatic updates and support.

Activating Your License Key

To activate your license key, navigate to the Licenses tab in the Ninja Forms Settings page ( dashboard -> NInja Forms -> Settings -> Licenses tab ):

NF Geolocation License Key Input

Enter your license key in the Geolocation For Ninja Forms license Key input box and click the “Activate” button. You should then see messages in green that indicate that the license key and the plugin are both activated.

NF Geolocation License Key Activated

Once the license key is successfully activated, you can proceed with
setting up and using the plugin.